Announcing the Annual BGA Blogging Awards


I’m a blogaholic. That’s why I joined Board Gamers Anonymous in the first place. No, not to cure my blogaholism, but to indulge myself in it. Now that I’m an active card carrying member of the BGA, I’m subscribed to 64 tabletop gaming blogs (that have been publishing for at least a few months), and I’m looking for more. I can’t get enough!

hump day dump

My addiction got so bad that I wanted to take the best that I’ve read and share them with my own readers. So I started a regular series, the Hump Day Dump, where every Wednesday I post the Fab Four best blog articles from the previous 7 days.

But then I wanted to give some recognition to the writers, websites and articles that I’ve enjoyed this year. So, I brought an idea to the Board Gamers Anonymous team, and we’ve decided to begin issuing annual awards for excellence in blogging about tabletop gaming!

We just don’t have a name for them, yet. “Bloggies” was already Gold Medaltaken; anyway, that actually sounds like a box of children’s wafers. So, we’ll come up a name for them by the end of the year, when we’ll hand out the awards. Any suggestions?

We’ve decided on three awards, for Blog of the Year (website), Blogger of the Year (writer), and Post of the Year (article). These are “view”-free awards. In other words, no previews, reviews or interviews. These awards will honor original writing.

Let’s break down the awards:

1194998168975384155bookmark.svg.medThe first will be the Blog of the Year award. This will be awarded automatically at the end of the calendar year based on the number of times they’ve been chosen for the Hump Day Dump. I’ll assign 1 point to a website for each selection, with a bonus point added for the Post of the Week.

The blog If You Give a Geek a Game… has a small lead in that category, but we have a long way to go until the end of the year.

The Blogger of the Year and Post of the Year will be voted on by our readers. I’ll list 5 nominees for each category. Blogger of the Year voting will be based on their body of work throughout 2014. While Post of the Year will focus on the single best post you’re read all year.

Blogging 2It’s only been 3 weeks, but I’ve enjoyed reading articles by Morgan Hillman, Lowell Kempf and Matt M. Casey. My own favorite post so far is Joe Huber’s How Acquire Became Acquire. (Check the Hump Day Dump articles for links to these articles, writers and websites.) But, of course, my own favorites won’t matter at the end of the year, when you’ll be doing the voting.

We don’t have that many readers now, but our blog is growing. By the end of the year, we hope to have a devoted and informed readership. Trust me, BGA will be around for the long haul, with plans in both cyberspace and realspace. So, I hope these annual awards will continue to point you toward the best writing and writers in the tabletop gaming community.

Are there any other ways you can think of to honor those who make tabletop gaming more fun and interesting? Let us know in the Comments section!


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