2013 Holiday Gift Guide – Epic (Long) Games


Games for Epic Sessions



Designer: Corey Konieczka
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games


Runewars is the ultimate  tabletop experience. More strategic than other tabletop war games without bogging down, supporting multiple players, using bidding mechanics, hero mechanics, and even supporting an expansion, this 7 year rush for Dragon Runes will have you begging for more. We LOVE this game.

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Merchant of Venus

Designer: Richard Hamblen & Robert A. Kouba
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games (second edition)

Merchants of Venus

This is actually a classic game that’s been brought back in a new revised edition by Fantasy Flight Games and it’s better than ever. From trading to transport across the galaxy, you’ll have a blast.

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Battlestar Galactica

Designer: Corey Konieczka
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

Battlestar Galactica Board Game

This made the top of our list of traitor mechanic games. As humans you must survive and find earth. If you become a Cylon (which can happen halfway through the game) you must stop them. It’s that battle, often fought beneath a shroud of secrecy that makes this game so darn hard…and so fantastic.

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Caverna: The Cave Farmers

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher: Z-Man Games

Caverna Game

Caverna is still on the preorder lists but looks amazing, bringing everything that made Agricola a favorite to caves, where new mechanics, support for more players, and a longer (yes longer) play through will have farming fans begging for more.

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Mage Knight

Designer: Vlaada Chvatil
Publisher: WizKids Games

Mage Knight Game Box

Based loosely on the mythos of the miniatures game from WizKids that eventually turned into Heroclix, Mage Knight was a HUGE hit in 2012 as one of the best and most complex board games to be released that year. It’s still a favorite, and if you can get a group together to play consistently, it will reward you time and again.

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    Anthony lives and plays games in Pittsburgh, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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