Almanac of Games for June 22nd: Finger Futbol!

On June 22, 1986#Hand Of God
Maradona’s “hand of God” scored the decisive goal that defeated England in Argentina’s 1986 World Cup quarterfinal match.

Subbuteo, a flicking game, but with lots of accessories
Because you’re flicking, you get to use your hands, just like Maradona!

At Amazon, you can also get the “Official Fences Set” and the “Official Pitch Set” #Subbuteo

This is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week
Lightning is usually used to refer to quick assaults. So, most games that use their word are wargames.

Still, I found one game that’s about actual lightning! It’s an old (1892) abstract strategy game called, Lightning!

It’s 120+ years old, so it’s in the public domain. You can make your own version!

Rules for the game are courtesy of the defunct Abstract Games Magazine, which we can access courtesy of the vital


On June 22, 1870
The United States Congress created the Department of Justice

#DOJ And we all know that without the Department of Justice, there would have been no Judge Dredd in 2000 A.D. (well, in the year 2000 of Judge Dredd’s alternate universe).

Not the real Judge Dredd

Here’s the original Judge Dredd game, from 1982. Since then, the game tried a few times to make it as an RPG but it has had sputtering success.

The character hasn’t had much of an impact in Hollywood, either, though they tried in both 1995 (a critical bomb) and 2012 (a box office bomb).

But the coolest accessory in all the JD games is this “Guidebook to the Justice Department.


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