BGA’s Top 100 Board Games of All Time


50. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Drew Says: Did I mention “dice game”? Meaningless theme gives way to a superlative push-your-luck tactical game.

49. Spyrium


Anthony Says: This quirky little euro is lightweight, inexpensive, and packed full of engaging gameplay. With a worker placement and displacement mechanic and the ability to take actions at your own pace, Spyrium offers players the opportunity to build an engine that suits their style of play. The bidding, pace management, and sheer number of meeples at your control make it a blast.

48. Survive: Escape from Atlantis

Survive Escape from Atlantasi

Drew Says: Never has a cut-throat game been so fun to play and produced so much good cheer.

47. Die Macher

Die Macher

Drew Says: For many, the ‘Moby Dick’ of Euro games… It’s on every Heavy Gamer’s bucket list.

46. Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Chris Says: Bora Bora offers Feld at his crunchy euro best.  It use dice rolling to determine worker placement and action selection with god cards that offer special abilities.  You throw in set collection and island expansion and you have a great super colorful euro that is worthy of your table space. Point salads rule!

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45. Imperial Settlers

Imperial Settlers

Anthony Says: Ignacy Trzewiczek’s reimplementation of The 51st State is more colorful, better balanced, and more engaging in almost every way. With assymetrical factions, neutral card drafting, customizable tableau building and a big handful of tokens at your disposal, it perfectly straddles the line between multiplayer solitaire civ builder and cutthroat, attack your neighbor euro. And the solo mode is one of my favorites in a mid-weight euro.

44. Goa


Chris Says: The spice must flow!  And being that Dune is not on this list, I have to be talking about Goa.  The cover of Goa features the other great euro gentleman that everyone knows and loves.  You have auctions that are set up by strategic tile selection in this medium weight euro that you will quickly fall in love with. The second edition fixes some minor issues and throws in spice stickers.

43. Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy

Drew Says: Don’t bother explaining the game ahead of time. As soon as new players start in, they pick the rules up quickly. There are a number of different paths to victory, and the many expansions offer a lot of replayability.

42. Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

Daniel Says: The only game to do zombies right, and one of the most engaging games I have ever played. An instant classic and life long favorite due to its well-developed theme, engrossing narrative twists via the Crossroads system, and the most engaging traitor system in board gaming to date.

41. Smash Up

Smash Up

Daniel Says: A clever system that is adaptable to almost any theme, and manages to benefit from bizarre combinations of characters rather than suffer from it. Where else could you see ghost-aliens battle zombie-robots? An easy game to teach, and appropriate for almost any crowd, Smash Up is a game that is going to stay around and stay relevant for a long time now.

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