It’s that time of year again!

Gen Con is here and that means The Dice Tower is holding their annual network contest. Board Gamers Anonymous is proud to be part of the contest. Enter and you can win $50 from us if you’re chosen.

You can enter any time until August 20th for your chance to win. At the end of August, we’ll hold a drawing and the winner will receive $50 from CoolStuffInc.


AND, that winner will be put into a drawing for $1,000 in credit from CoolStuffInc from the Dice Tower Network, which will be announced live by Tom Vasel.

To enter the contest for this week, click the link above and fill out the survey. It’s a short one – share your answers and you’ll be entered. This survey form will remain up for the entire contest. You can enter extra times as well! More details after completing the survey.

Good luck!