ENGN Episode 101 – GenCon Reviews, pt. 1: Dice and Card Games Under 30 Mintues

Holy GenCon reviews! This is the first of a multi-part series where we cover all of the fun stuff we played post-GenCon. There was a LOT of games and, to our surprise, much of it was pretty good! We won’t keep all of these games on our shelves, but we can say that pretty much everything we talk about over the next few episodes will appeal to someone out there in our audience.

This week, we chat about “filler” games. We do not mean that term pejoratively! These are games that might slide into anyone’s collection and provide fun for families and gamers alike.

Trainmaker (6:52)
Railroad Ink (11:30)
Istanbul: The Dice Game (17:27)
Palm Island (24:53)
Maiden’s Quest (29:28)
The Draugr (39:07)

  • Anthony

    Anthony lives and plays games in Pittsburgh, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

  • Show Comments

  • Jen Walker Shannon

    Hello. Nice reviews. Quick note on Maiden’s Quest. It was designed to build a deck and carry around till you win it or at conventions to interact with others. When you lose, just reset to all the crowns on the left bottom and off you go. I don’t know many people I have played it with who disassemble and reassemble after each play (ack!) Its a dungeon crawl, but it is also a logic puzzle and its randomness can also be lessened the more you play as you develop strategies and better understand that downgrading is not always bad. I promise the more you play the more you will win (which shows its not always random. And the replay-ability of most decks is pretty strong and there are tons of combinations.

    • Jason Perez

      Thanks for listening, Jen! Like I said in the review, I really like the game and plan to keep at it until I kill all the bosses, at least (still working on that). I had the experience in a coffee shop with this game where I’m sitting there, I beat up the Troll, then I wanted to move on to the next boss. I had a fair amount of card piles on that table to reconstruct the deck for the next boss. Compare that to Palm Island, the other good, recent palm game, where I could just reshuffle after a high score and go.

      Still, I hope people took from the review that I liked the game and recommend people try it out.

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