Episode 251 – Pax Unplugged Hotness

Chris is back from Pax Unplugged 2019 and had a chance to see or try a whole bunch of games. Join us as he runs through these and the con as a whole to learn what you should keep your eyes out for.

First up, make sure you complete our Game of the Year poll on boardgamersanonymous.com and help us narrow down the nominations for this year’s awards.

For the question of the week this episode, we asked everyone: If you could change how you collected when you first got into board games, what would you change?”

Anthony shares his acquisition disorder for the week with the announcement of the Gloomhaven sequel, Frosthaven, and then reviews Azul: Summer Pavilion, the newest version of the mega-hit from Plan B Games.

Finally, Chris digs into the games and sights of Pax Unplugged this year. Learn how the con was and what games to keep an eye out for.

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  • Anthony

    Anthony lives and plays games in Pittsburgh, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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