Episode 36 – Imperial Settlers

This week is a very special episode – one in which Anthony gets three games he’s been eager to play for a long time to the table. The big spotlight is on Imperial Settlers – the Ignacy Trzewiczek reimagining of The 51st State that has been buzzed about all summer. Learn how the game plays and whether the asymmetrical decks pull off the unique style of resource management, tableau building, and card drafting the gaming hobby has been talking about for months. We’ll also be talking about classic (but unfortunately out of print) Endeavor, Friday the 13th from Reiner Knizia, and one of our biggest classics to not hit the table yet – Power Grid.

At the Table

At the table this week we have three classic games – the first of which is a reprint of an older game that none of us own and all of us would like to own – Friday the 13th. Based on Knizia’s Poison, this game shrinks the box and reimplements the theme but has the same basic gameplay as the original, and as a trick taking game that Anthony can stand, it does it all very well. Second is Endeavor, a big, meaty game that Chris got to the table, loved, and promptly realized cannot be purchased easily. Finally, for our Classic of the week, we look at Power Grid, a game all three of us picked up from a clearance sale over the summer and have been eagerly awaiting hitting the table.

Feature Review: Imperial Settlers

Finally, we have our feature review for the week, Imperial Settlers. We take a close look at the game, its components, and how well it executes the implementation of four very different decks of cards that have four very different styles of play. While there are certainly some concerns here, the game as a whole is a unique experience and one that we have a lively discussion about throughout the review. Learn whether this game is worth tracking down or if you should wait and play it when it next pops up first.

Listen to Episode 36

  • 02:16 – Shout it from the Tabletop
  • 10:36 – Kicking the Habit
  • 11:17 – Acquisition Disorder Corner
  • 19:27 – At the Table
  • 34:36 – Feature Review: Imperial Settlers

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