Episode 5: Nothing Personal

This week we took things a little easy to make sure we had enough stamina to tackle our feature review in full – Nothing Personal. As the newest release from Game Salute, courtesy of Tom Vasel and Steve Avery, Nothing Personal is an exercise in resilience, backstabbing, and brilliant components. Learn what we think of this one and whether it’s worth tracking down an admittedly hard to find copy of your own.

We’ll also be reviewing the newest expansion for Quarriors, the Quartifacts set, the base set for Smash Up, Poison, and classic game for 8 – Citadels.

At the Table

We got a few oldies to the table this week and had a blast. To start, though, we’ll hit on a new expansion for a recent favorite – Quarriors; Quartifacts. Learn how this expansion adds new depth to a game that had been growing stale.

Next up we’ll be talking about AEG’s new juggernaut – Smash Up – and how it stacks up with the two expansions already under its belt (and many more planned in the near future). Finally, we talk about two classics – Reiner Knizia’s incredibly hard to find Poison, and Bruno Faidutti’s Citadels – both of which are popular favorites in our group.

Feature Review: Nothing Personal

Few games have been as divisive or infuriating in recent months as Nothing Personal. Released recently by Game Salute, this Tom Vasel and Steve Avery joint design is an exercise in futility, mob-style back stabbing, and good clean fun. The game relies heavily on the group you bring to the table, so make sure you listen carefully to determine if it will be a good fit for your group before picking up a copy.

For those that have the right group, however, there is a lot here to like. Found out which in our group give it a play, which are eager to buy, and who is a little less warm on this one.

Listen to Episode 5

  • 03:04 – The Hotness News
  • 11:45 – Acquisition Disorer Corner
  • 23:30 – At the Table
  • 53:32 – Feature Review: Nothing Personal

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