Episode 62 – Tabletop Madness Rounds 4-5

It’s Week 2 of Tabletop Madness 2015! This week, we get back to the table and debate the next round of matchups in the ultimate gaming showdown – pitting the remaining 16 games from our 68 game field against each other. In this episode you’ll hear Chris, Anthony, Daniel and Drew narrow the field to the Final (Fab) Four games and set us up for the ultimate showdown in the next couple of weeks.

Shout it From the Tabletop

Another week, another unsolicited round of table hopping from Drew! This week, listen as Drew shares a handful of interesting stories from the world of tabletop gaming, discusses recent trends in the hobby, and poses a number of interesting questions to the team to kick off the podcast

Acquisition Disorder Corner

Daniel asks listeners to help him with this search for the perfect D&D miniatures, Anthony pines for another baseball game on Kickstarter, this time from DiceHateMe Games, and the team discusses the next stages for the new year and the games that will be hitting our tables (hopefully) soon.

At the Table

Daniel introduces an incredibly fun way to keep track of your to do list (to which Anthony is now addicted) and Drew discusses some of his recent Carcassonne interests, including expansions that work and those that don’t, plus the newest standalone Carcassonne game, South Seas. Chris discusses his recent play of Glen More and Anthony brings Concordia back to the table (likely the first of many times he will do so).

Analyze the Dweomer: Paladins

Daniel brings back his new segment to discuss the role of Paladins and how they have evolved over the course of the Dungeons and Dragons and tabletop gaming landscape. Specifically, how the Paladin has changed and advanced in the newest edition of the seminal role playing game.

Tabletop Madness 2015 Rounds 4-5

For our feature this week, we bring back our Tabletop Madness 2015 bracket and discuss the rounds of 16 and 8, narrowing down all four of our thematic “regions” to the final four games that will vie for supremacy in the fan vote. Here are the 16 games that started this week – and make sure to vote for your choice of winner no later than March 30th and help us select the top game for this year!

Euro Games
(9) Suburbia vs. (5) Power Grid
(2) Caverna vs. (14) Alien Frontiers
Americlash Games
(1) Twilight Struggle vs. (4) Dead of Winter
(10) Kemet vs. (11) Cosmic Encounter
Card/Dice Games
(1) Android: Netrunner vs. (13) Imperial Settlers
(2) 7 Wonders vs. (3) Race for the Galaxy
Gateway Games
(1) Pandemic vs. (4) Ticket to Ride
(7) Mice and Mystics vs. (14) Tokaido

Listen to Episode 62

  • Shout it From the Table Top: 2:30 (News!)
  • Acquisition Disorder: 14:20
  • At the Table: 20:07
  • Analyze Dweomer: Paladins: 28:50
  • Feature: 2015 Tabletop Madness: 37:37

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    Anthony lives and plays games in Pittsburgh, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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