Episode 89 – Gamer FAQ: How Do You Rate Board Games?

This week on Board Gamers Anonymous, Anthony, Chris, Daniel and Drew sit down to discuss how we rate board games on Board Game Geek and in general for our future reference. We also discuss some games we’re eager to get to the table soon (including one that could quite possibly kill Daniel) and three euros we got to the table this last week with Princes of Florence, Shipyard and Caylus.

Shout it From the Tabletop

This week Drew discusses the recent shift in the news with new articles being posted five or more times a day on our Twitter feed. You can stay up to date there and we’ll condense and cover the most interesting stories from the week on each episode. This week we discuss:

Stay tuned on Twitter for more news from the tabletop every day of the week (@BGAPodcast).

Acquisition Disorder Corner

This week we have some big games on our docket, both in name and in execution. Anthony snags a copy of the Kickstarter version of Epic from a FLGS in Pittsburgh and is eager to get it to the table while Chris stumbles across the newest implementation of Avalon Hill’s classic Civilization, this time in the form of Mega Civilization – an 18 hour mega-game that may be the death of Daniel (if Chris can convince him to play). Finally, Daniel has his eye on a new Kickstarter campaign, …and then we held hands, a game that may prove to be a majorly innovative addition to the board game landscape (or a dud, we’ll see).

At the Table

This week at the table, the guys are all playing euros! We get three classics to the table this week and share our varying levels of interest in each of them. Anthony kicks things off with The Princes of Florence, a game he got to the table twice this week and had a blast playing – easy to find and brilliant in execution, it’s a definite must try. Chris has an equally awesome experience with a game he had long been avoiding in Shipyard and Daniel stumbles across Caylus with Chris and the pair have mixed results. Find out who liked it, who didn’t and whether it’s worth checking out in Daniel’s review.

Feature – Gamer FAQ: How Do You Rate Board Games?

On this week’s feature, Anthony, Chris and Daniel sit down to discuss how they rate their board games, from the current ratings they feature on their Board Game Geek accounts to the types of games they own and how their rating scale to match their podcast ratings. If you currently rate your games, how does it compare to our rating methods? Share in the comments or on BGG how you handle your ratings for board games.

Listen to Episode 89

  • Shout it from the Tabletop
  • Acquisition Disorder: Epic, Mega Civilization, …and then we held hands
  • At the Table:  The Princes of Florence, Shipyard, Caylus
  • Feature: Gamer FAQ: How Do You Rate Your Games?
  • Final Round: What other ratings would you like to see in games?

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    Anthony lives and plays games in Pittsburgh, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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