Episode 92 – Top 10 Games Fixed By Expansions

This week, Anthony and Chris sit down to discuss some of the games that weren’t quite perfect on the first go but were fixed by their expansions in our newest Top 10 list. We also discuss recent plays of Dead Man’s Draw and Empires: Age of Discovery as well as a couple of upcoming games in our Acquisition Disorder Corner – Agility and Fog of Love.

Acquisition Disorder Corner

This week in our acquisition disorder corner, Anthony talks about a new two player gamer from Pittsburgh designer, Brent Povis, currently on Kickstarter called Agility. Focusing on dog agility contests, it’s a fun, quick two player game that looks great for dog lovers. Chris’s acquisition disorder this week is Fog of Love, a game focused on the trials and tribulations of relationships and love in the real world.

At the Table

This week, at the table, Anthony got out Empires: Age of Discovery. This is the new deluxe edition of Age of Empires III from Glenn Drover and Eagle/Gryphon Games, reimagined without the license in the deluxe edition. It’s big, it’s full of upgraded components, and it’s the same awesome gameplay as the original. Find out if it’s worth tracking down for a play or a buy in Anthony’s review. Chris talks about Dead Man’s Draw in his review, both the app and they physical edition, a game that has been a big recent hit. Learn if the app is enough to get you to buy the actual board game in Chris’s review.

Feature: Top 10 Games Fixed by Expansions

In our feature this week, we look at the top 10 games that are fixed by their expansions. The list includes some games made infinitely better by their upgrades and others that are essentially patched from meh to great with a new addition of content. Learn which games are on the list and if any in your collection could use an upgrade.

Final Round: What You LARP in Life?

This week, Drew asks what we would LARP in real life – what mundane, every day activity would we turn into an epic live action role play with the community? Learn what we say in this week’s final round.

Listen to Episode 92

  • ?Shout it From the Tabletop?
  • Acquisition Disorder:  Agility, Fog of Love 
  • At the Table:   Empires: Age of Discovery, Dead Man’s Draw  
  • Feature: Top 10 Games Fixed by Expansions
  • Final Round: What would you LARP in life??

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    Anthony lives and plays games in Philadelphia, PA. A lover of complex strategy, two-player war games, and area control, Anthony is always eager to try a new game, even if he's on rule-reading duty.

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