Humor Us: Adult Swim Fluxx

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NEWS ITEM: Looney Labs recently partnered with Cartoon Network to create a new iteration of the popular card game Fluxx, drawing on CN’s large corral of popular animated characters and shows.

Close, but Looney missed the mark. A better skin would have been layering CN’s Adult Swim lineup on top of Looney Lab’s chaotic card game.

Let me show you what I mean…

(You can learn about the various Adult Swim programs and characters through this great Wikipedia page.)

NEW RULE cards

The Brak Show
Current Player must mumble incoherently on a matter of great urgency, or draw 4 cards

Carl (Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
Current Player must comment lecherously on how each card’s artwork looks like Japanese porn, or draw 4 cards

“It’s Alive!”
Every time a Robot Chicken card is played, Current Player must mock Seth Green’s pathetic attempts to be culturally relevant, or draw 4 cards

KEEPER cards

Player is sued by Robert Zemeckis for copyright infringement. Discard this Keeper.

Marco (SeaLab 2021)
Per the Affirmative Action in Animation Act, Marco is worth two Keepers.

Master Shake
Play this Keeper face down. Tell the players it allows you to discard and win. When they object, set fire to the draw pile.

GOAL cards (You win if you have both Keepers…)

Set MLK Spinning in His Grave
Black Dynamite & Uncle Ruckus

Meet the Megalomaniacs!
The Monarch & Captain Murphy

Break the Space/Time Continuum
Molotov Cocktease & Moral Orel

ACTION cards

Space Ghost
Introduce the next player while doing your worst Buzz Lightyear impression.

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
Subpoena another player’s Keeper, who is then put into Witness Protection and promptly killed. Discard that Keeper.

Brock Sampson
Silently kill the players on either side of you; then light up a smoke & bask in the glow of a job well done.

Did we miss any of your favorite Adult Swim characters?  Let us know in the Comments and we’ll create a Fluxx card for them!

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