Kickstarter Submissions

BGA produces a monthly podcast all about Kickstarter and the newest games hitting the platform. Kicking the Habit is released the last week of every month and will feature new and upcoming Kickstarter releases for the coming month, with editorial features on games you should back, and a calendar of upcoming games.

If you are preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign, BGA offers a number of Kickstarter preview services, including:

Kicking the Habit Submission

If you would like to be included on the monthly rundown of new Kickstarter campaigns on Kicking the Habit, please submit your campaign details to the below link:

All submissions must be received before the 10th of the month to be included for the coming month. Paid submissions must be received 30 days before publication of the appropriate month’s episode.

Feature Placement on Kicking the Habit

Each month, Kicking the Habit will feature a number of high profile campaigns in select sponsored positions on the podcast. To book one of these slots, please complete the form above and indicate that you are interested in a feature spot. We will be in touch within 24 hours to coordinate the information needed for inclusion.

Submission for Preview

If you are interested in a full preview of your Kickstarter game, we offer both written and video previews, with rates starting at $250 for shorter games. Please contact us before mailing your game to ensure it is a good fit for our audience. Game prototypes can be mailed to:

Anthony Chatfield
2514 Beechwood Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Have more questions? You can contact us from the form below or on our contact page.

Advertising/Feature Rates

Rates for feature placement and episode sponsorship are listed below. For written or video previews, rates are determined by length and complexity of game with the following ranges:

  • Free – We accept 25-30 submissions per month. Basic submissions are free and will be considered on a first come basis.
  • $62 – Feature Submission – The feature submission guarantees coverage on the show, a longer slot and an earlier time. Features submissions will be noted as sponsored both in the show and the show notes.
  • $125 – Episode Sponsorship – Pre-roll and mid-roll sponsorship for the episode.
  • $250-$500 – Standalone Preview – Individual Kickstarter/crowdfunding¬†previews done as either video or written, separate from the podcast. To qualify for a standalone preview, submissions must include completed rulebook and a prototype/completed game must be shipped for use in the preview. We will evaluate all submissions for editorial fit before scheduling previews. Rates are based on game length