Reddit Report, 6/29-7/5: AMAs, WSIGs & DIYs

(The Reddit Report is a weekly feature, published every Saturday.)

Quite a busy week in the Reddit half of the world. Great time to be a casual gamer who loves acronyms!


In response to a Redditor’s query about what it takes to open a boardgame café, a successful coffee house in Ottawa, Ontario, Monopolatte, held an “Ask Me Anything” Twitter session that was published on Reddit.

A lot of game stores and game cafés struggle to stay afloat, but a knowledgeable staff, a basic menu well cooked (Grilled Cheese!) — and a $5 cover charge — go a long way toward keeping Monopolatte in business.


Most “What Should I Get” queries are mundane and easily answered without raising much of an eyebrow or a fuss. But ElboMan asked fellow Redditors for suggestions on “Board Games for seduction.”

Now, it’s not as bad as it sounds. This fellow had met a girl — who loves board games — through a mutual friend. So, he’s looking for a game that would get her interested in … playing more games, and yet not neglect the game group he’s already seeing. You see, he doesn’t want to cheat on them. An intimate game for 5 people is not so easy to find…

But what amused me the most was how on-topic this was for the recent Glamour magazine column about making board games sexier for dating couples.


I continue to find the /r/boardgame subdomain a hotbed of DIYishness. GLGreenLantern and friends have leapt beyond miniature painting and gone right to creating 3D models for their copy of  Myth. Check out their photos.


Many others on Reddit have been pondering the use of 3D printers in the gaming world. shapeitguru asked Redditors if “3D Printing for gamers [is a] game changer?” There’s a lively discussion about how printers are already being used, along with links to an Open Source site with objects to download.

Haiku Quiz

Redditor mike_clark created Haiku for 10 of his tabletop games, challenging readers to guess which game he was writing about. This inspired others to chime in with Haiku of their own, adding at least 11 others to the thread. Take the challenge yourself!

Are you a Redditor, too? Have I missed something interesting from Reddit that you want to share? Please let us know in the Comments!

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